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Exclusive Prestige MLS Member

Prestige MLS is a Private Network that gathers high-end Luxury Real Estate Agencies, Affiliates, Real Estate Developer and other Partners. They select each agency or agent according to strict and precise criteria which cover their professionalism, expertise, collaborative attitude, confidentiality, and international vision.

Since beginning in 2010, their vision of Luxury Real Estate remained unchanged: within this global market, having an International Network of choice partners and International visibility is not an option, it is a Priority.

Members of Prestige MLS are accomplished Luxury Real Estate professionals and each member commits themselves to observe a specific code of business ethics as stated in our commitment charter. This document is signed by the agency prior to entering the business club.

With Prestige MLS, they represent an unrivaled international network and their customers enjoy all their collective expertise.

This network is a Signature, a LABEL that has become essential in the Luxury Real Estate Market.